Stepping Up now offers Trauma Informed Yoga!

The experience of trauma affects the entire human organism – body, mind and spirit – and the whole organism must be engaged in the healing process.  Traditional trauma therapy is talk-based and focuses on the mind and the story, tending to neglect the physical, visceral and body based dimension of trauma.  Yoga, when skillfully employed, can uniquely address the physical needs of the trauma survivor, and provide a way for them to cultivate an intimate, safe, healing, knowing and accepting relationship to his or her body through gentle breath and movement practices.

A consistent yoga practice has the potential to deepen our sense of awareness and can help with:

  • Noticing and being present with emotions
  • Managing uncomfortable feelings
  • Learn tools to calm and self-soothe
  • Learn to respond rather than react
  • Reconnect and feel safe in the body
  • Create a healthy relationship with the body


Our group programming will begin again in September 2017 – stay tuned for dates!