Stepping Up may be for you if….

Stepping Up May Be for You If….

You or your partner..

  •  Constantly criticize each other
  •  Are jealous of your partner, or if your partner jealous towards you
  •  Are not getting the emotional support you need
  •  Are constantly being asked where you’re going or who you’re going with
  •  Always worried about what your partner is up to
  • Are being blamed unfairly for things out of your control
  •  Feel like you have to walk on ” egg shells”
  •  Ignore feelings
  •  Feel unheard/powerless/not good enough
  • Use put downs, call names or embarrass the other
  • Threaten one another
  • Feel unsafe
  •  Feel out of control
  • Have no idea who you are as a person anymore
  •  Feel alone

If you would like to…

  • Understand yourself better
  •  Understand your partner better (past, present, future)
  •  Have a safe place to discuss your relationship
  •  Feel safe
  •  Have knowledge and skills to develop safe, healthy meaningful relationships and to encourage these same skills and values in others.


If you said yes to more than one of the following questions please contact us about starting our program. or (780)-624-8235 (office) (780)618-8637 (work cell)