What is A Healthy Relationship?

Healthy relationships are ones where your individuality is honored, respected and encouraged; you are able to maintain your own identity while being a part of a “together” identity as well.  The healthiest relationship you can have is with yourself.

In a healthy relationship you:

  • Feel safe
  • Can talk openly and honestly about the things on your mind
  • Feel like an equal
  • Are held accountable for your choices and actions (good and bad) but never punished for them
  • You are encouraged
  • You give and receive respect for your choices, beliefs and values – even if you don’t agree with one another
  • Have a healthy sexual relationship based on open communication
  • You feel free to be your best self

Definitions related  to being in a healthy relationship

Equality:  The equal treatment between people

Accountability: The state of being accountable, liable or answerable

Respect: Proper acceptance or courtesy