What is An Abusive Relationship?

Why does Violence happen?

People are not born with “angry genes”. Violent behaviour is often learned within family, community or media. Violence does NOT usually occur because of not caring. It is often the result of feeling out of control and needing to gain it back.

Can it be Stopped?

Violence can become a way of Life, but the pattern CAN BE BROKEN.

Am I being Abused? How do I know?….. Abuse can take several different forms.


1. Physical Abuse

Definition: Any unwanted attempt to control someone physically.

2. Sexual Abuse

Definition: Using someone’s sexuality to control him or her. (CONTROLLING, hurting or destroying them).

3. Financial Abuse

Definition: Using financial power to control others.

4. Abandonment

Definition: Not being available physically, pyschologically, or emotionally to a person who needs you and using this to control them.

5. Spiritual Abuse

Definition: Destroying someone’s sense of who they are.

6. Emotional Abuse

Definition: Controlling how another person feels. Playing on someone’s emotions.

7. Pyschological Abuse

Definition: Shifting responsibility by destroying a person’s thought patterns, making a person think that he/she is the cause of abuse.

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